Antiparos is located in the middle of southern Aegean Sea, distanced less than a mile from Paros. The crystal clear waters of Antiparos’ beaches are a traction that attract tourists every year. Apart from the sea scenery, Antiparos carries a strong archeological background and it is worth visiting Despotiko and Spilaio, in order to embrace the magic and mystery of these breathtaking monuments.

You can enjoy swimming and sunbathing in Panagia, Psaralikes, Sifneiko and Agios Spiridonas. Do not forget to taste the local kitchen, along with local wine.
n order to visit Antiparos, you have to take a 40 mile journey from Mykonos. The journey is ideal for a one day trip, but Antiparos’ crystal clear waters and tranquility will win you ever, in order to spend more days. You could take a quick dive in Delos before visiting Paros. Swimming and sunbathing in Kolimpithres beach of Paros is always a great idea, as well as enjoying the cockpit view outside Sarakiniko beach.

Base open dates: from April 1st to November 17th.