Cyclades consist of 33 beautiful islands, surrounded by wonderful crystal clear waters. Santorini, Paros, Naxos, Antiparos and Syros are among the most famous Cycladic Islands. Each of the Cycladic Islands embeds its unique beauty, landscape and tradition. It is a complex of islands that are worth visiting, at least once. Take advantage of our Island Hopping service, get aboard our luxurious yachts and sail on the fine Aegean Sea, on a lifetime experience!
Our fleet consists of luxurious yachts and an experienced crew that will take you on a journey to the Cycladic Islands of your own desire. Regardless of the islands you wish to visit, the routes on the Aegean Sea are a memorable experience, as you will be able to enjoy the Aegean view, aboard our yachts’ comfortable cockpit view.

Whether you have a spare weekend, week or a crucial business meeting, make sure to live it to the fullest, on a beautiful scenery under the Greek sun. The Cyclades Island hopping provides you with the necessary peace of mind and our fleet enriches your experience with luxury and comfort.

Base open dates: from April 1st to November 17th.