Milos, the most exotic island of the Aegean Sea, where the volcanic rocks paint the beaches red, pink and orange. Milos is full of beautiful beaches with crystal clear waters. The landscape of Sarakiniko will seduce you, Kleftiko is a combination of green-blue waters and caves. You should also swim in the Palaiochori, Papafragas and Firiplaka.

Do not miss to visit Little Venice, a colorful hamlet above water where the old port of Ancient Milos used to be. In Plaka you will enjoy one of the most beautiful Mediterranean sunsets. Nearby, you can have find inviting restaurants and quaint cafes.
Milos is one of the most beautiful Cycladic islands, distanced 130 miles from Mykonos. Apart from its natural scenery and beauties, the journey from Mykonos is another strong reason to visit it.

Starting from Mykonos, the route meets Paros and Naxos, two of the most unique Cycladic islands, where you can make a stop for a quick swim. If you are on a long-trip, take the time to visit Ios and Folegandros, for a quick swim or a walk in their narrow streets, which constitute its trademarks.

Base open dates: from April 1st to November 17th.